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Wandering Explorer with a Haunting Past
Lilly - Noriyuki Iwadare
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Born on the new continent of Elencia to a military father and a mother that died shortly afterward, Alexander Privost spent a great deal of traveling in his very young years. His father, Agri Privost, a cartographer for the Garlyle Military, spent a great deal of time travelling all across Elencia, teaching Alex how to survive on the frontier until he perished in a native ambush when Alex was 12. The Garlyle Military took Alex in as a squire until he was old enough to care for himself, at which point he voluntarily enlisted.

Shortly after his graduation from basic training, the Joule Foundation - the council of governors and trustees back on the home continent of Messina -  liquidated support of the Garlyle Force's operations on Elencia. Ashamed, disgraced, and now facing the reality of obsolescence, the Garlyle Forces began an uprising.


Alexander was on a landing craft during the first support wave from Elencia, which was later regarded as one of the bloodiest battles in Messina's history. Alexander was mortally wounded during the conflict and doesn't remember much of it, save for that some time later he awoke in a local inn. After learning that he had been officially marked Killed in Action, but that his corpse had vanished from the battlefield the next day, he was given a brief audience with the military council, which eventually led to him being given the opportunity to rejoin. Alex declined, and was given a retroactive honorable discharge.

He now wanders the globe, dungeon crawling, adventuring, hiking, and exploring, spending little time in one place.


Height: 5'-11" (1.8 m)    Weight (Without Tail): 145 Lbs (65.8 Kg)    Sex: Male    Eyes: Blue    Hair: Auburn

Species: Feline (Tabby)    Age: 23     Sign: Cancer    Blood Type: Feline Type A    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual    Gender: Male

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