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Albert Einstein once posited that although our universe is finite in space, it is infinite temporally. In short, within our universe, there are an infinite number of other universes, or alternate timelines to our own. One of the more interesting ones came to exist on September 26th, 1983.

Somewhere in space, a satellite operated by the Soviets was having a very bad day. Somewhere within, it dutifully reported that throughout the continental United States, several minuteman missiles has left the comfortable homes of their silos and were rocketing skyward, threatening the very lives of everyone back home in the Motherland, and terrifying several herds of local cattle in the process. This had, of course, not happened. Back in Moscow, within the Seprukhov-15 command center, Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov was similarly having a bad day. His military ration of coffee had gone sour, and as a result, he had dozed off at his monitoring console. This was interrupted by several buzzers and klaxons, and before long a telephone call, several loud command shouts, and a few keys and switches turned later had ensured that the lack of ICBMs in the air had been speedily rectified. The United States was in for a very nasty surprise.

When all was said and done, however, nuclear hellfire simply was not in the forecast. Shortly after launch, A squadron of highly classified and serendipitously airborne Lockheed-Martin EC-130H were dispatched to intercept and jam the navigational systems of the ICBMs, and within a very short time, the Altantic Ocean found itself the final resting place of no less than twelve Soviet SS-20 missiles. What resulted in the preservation of life, land, and livelihood of several million people worldwide, however, would change the political landscape of the globe forever.


In what was referred to as "The Long Dark," both the allied nations and soviet forces cut off all communication from each other and instead began watching each other very closely. Complex political maneuvers dissolved into a petty game of tit for tat, with the game pieces being nations neighboring both. When the Soviets began annexing nearby nations in a response to the grounding of their missiles, Allied nations began aggressive propaganda campaigns and political subterfuge to secure and unify their own. In turn, the Soviets quickly began rewriting the rulebooks, developing and deploying clandestine biological weapons through the use of spies and subverted domestic activists throughout Europe and North America. The deployment of the internet on a national scale coincided with the announcement that all of North America and most of western Europe had opted to conglomerate into the Allied Union of Western Powers. With the birth of the first smartphone, eastern Europe and Asia had become the United Soviet Supernation. And in 2005, Midland Science developed the world's first walking, talking, Turing-test passing android platform.

Well, gyndroid platform, but the gender roles of a robot are unimportant. This is the story of one of them.


Height: 5'-09" (1.75 m)    Weight: 315 Lbs (142.9 Kg)    Sex: N/A    Eyes: Light Blue, 18 MP    Hair: Dark Blue Composite Heatsink

Species: Gyndroid    Age: 11 (Appears/Acts ~25)   Sign: N/A  Blood Type: SAE 5W-30    Sexual Orientation: N/A    Gender: Female

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