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Proud Noble, Grandmaster Alchemist
Mullen - Noriyuki Iwadare
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Life within Great House Telvanni comes with a great number of luxuries and advantages most natives to Morrowind will never see within their lifetimes. Less celebrated, however, is the constant clandestine treachery that accompanies it. Mertisi Andavel knows of such treachery quite intimately.

Born the 16th day of First Seed, in the 118th year of the Fifth Era of Tamriel, Mertisi was the son of two of the most influential members of House Telvanni - Vanel, his father, and Savesea, his mother. The Andavel Family itself had been influential both inside and outside of the Council for generations, and its lineage spanned across and through mainland Morrowind as far back as written history can account for. Like his seven other siblings, Mertisi was groomed at a young age for a seat within the Wizard Council. Unlike most of his siblings, however, that path would be paved with hardship.

At eight years old, Mertisi had failed to show any signs of magical capability. As one may infer, this posed problems for a person with auspicious inclinations in a Council of mages, but the depth of these problems were unforeseen. Mertisi's own father, under pressure of shame and scrutiny from other pillars within the council, quietly orchestrated an attempt on Mertisi's life. After serendipitously surviving an attempted drowning, Mertisi was forever changed from a carefree, easygoing soul into one full of suspicion, cynicism, and pride. The remainder of his childhood was hallmarked with struggle and ridicule until he made a breakthrough in finding a useful skill for the council: it seemed he could simply do no wrong when it came to horticulture and alchemy.

Success came easily afterward - Morrowind is famous for its mostly inhospitable climes and through luck, mixed with unbound skill and unmatched intuition, Mertisi was a confirmed Grandmaster Alchemist by the age of 20. At 24 he purchased a manor just outside of Ranyon-Ruhn and had the downstairs converted into an Apothecary - all up front with gold. At 26, he now leads a relatively easy life with no worries for the future, taking clients as he pleases and most times found tending the sprawling gardens behind his estate.


Height: 5'-09" (1.75 m)    Weight (Without Tail): 170 Lbs (77.1 Kg)    Sex: Male    Eyes: Bright Green    Hair: Emerald Green

Species: Noble Spitfire Dragon    Age: 26   Sign: The Lord  Blood Type: Type C    Sexual Orientation: Undecided    Gender: Male

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