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Summer Sunshine Forever
スレッドダンスゲスの極み乙女 - Gesu No Kiwami Otome
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Mizuki Hirasawa (birthname Masanori Hirasawa) was born on May 16, 1962 and grew up in Maebashi, Japan. He had a mostly unremarkable, if rather solitary childhood and graduated Upper Secondary School in April of 1980. He spent a couple years working the night shift, first as a store clerk, then as a night watchman, before finally applying and being accepted to the Tokyo Prefectural Police. Mizuki is a simple creature, working hard during the day and letting loose at night. His favorite activities are bar crawling, mountain biking, and reading trashy comic books in public. He now lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment on the second floor of a medium-sized four story run not far from the Takanadobaba Station in Shinjuku.

Mizuki has never been lucky in love, and despite dating seriously since his late teens, he has had trouble with infidelity and deception in most of his relationships. He first discovered his interest in crossdressing when trying on a female friend's school uniform in high school. It's been more than a passing fancy for him ever since - he feels most at home when in feminine dress, and his personality and appearance compliment his interests. Despite periods of open promiscuity between dating, he always takes his committed relationships seriously. Although he's not terrifically sure nor really cares about what his orientation is, he has, so far, only dated men.

Mizuki works the day shift out of the Akihabara Police Box just outside the railway station, but spends most of his time touring on bike. He formerly worked on patrol in a car out of the main station, but after a life event, was transferred to a police box in exchange for special permission to wear a female uniform. He greatly prefers it this way, and has always received high praise from the citizens he serves. He'll never admit it, but his supervisors are mostly in consensus that prior to his transfer, he was one of the most skilled and dedicated patrol officers in the city.


Height: 6'-02" (1.88 m)    Weight: 160 Lbs (72.5 Kg)    Sex: Male    Eyes: Blue    Hair: Black    Species: German Shepherd

Age: 23    Sign: Taurus    Blood Type: DEA 4    Sexual Orientation: Undecided    Gender: Male Androgynous

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