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Sonador Cromwell

Weary Watchman
It Might Be Time - Tame Impala
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Sonador Cromwell was born July 10th, 1990 in Fremont, California, and grew up in Sunnyvale. He was an exceptionally introverted, solitary child and had only a handful of friends at any given time through most of his schooling. Being a misfit, it took him longer than most to develop normal social skills and confidence that his peers otherwise possessed. What he lacked in social grace, however, he made up for easily in intuition and intelligence, excelling easily in most of his academics. Social pressure and domestic trouble began to mount, however, and he eventually dropped out of school and moved out in 2007.

Sonador couchsurfed around the Bay Area for a year or two, holding menial jobs as best he could, abusing alcohol, sleeping around, and getting into trouble frequently before finally winding up as a night shift security guard in San Jose. After two years, he switched contractors, then again a year later before finally settling in as a Field Training Officer with Sentinel Private Security, patrolling the grounds and park of the Point Pinos Lighthouse on the northern tip of Monterey.

Today, Sonador spends most of his time wasting it, sinking hours into staring at a computer screen when he's not at work. He doesn't care much for people, and when he does have the urge to step outside, it's usually for evening walks on the trails not far from his Monterey apartment, reading on the beach by Cannery Row, or crawling the local bars. He's quite happy with his solitary life, away from what he frequently perceives to be a world gone absolutely mad.


Height: 6'-02" (1.88 m)    Weight: 155 Lbs (70.3 Kg)    Sex: Male    Eyes: Brown    Hair: Black    Species: California Raccoon

Age: 30   Sign: Cancer    Blood Type: O+  Sexual Orientation: Undecided    Gender: Male

As this is my "fursona," I kindly request you do not draw nsfw or lewd art of this character without contacting me first (see the homepage for contact information.) Thank you.

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