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STATUS: Released    GAMEMODE: Trouble in Terrorist Town    PLAYERS: 16-32    VMF AVAILABLE: No

ttt_chemicalburns is a large, industrial, and urban TTT map made to support between 32 and 48 players. The map is dark, visibility is limited, and the flow is mazelike, allowing for optimal subterfuge even in large groups. I do not personally recommend groups in TTT larger than 32 per round, but the map is built to support up to a maximum of 48 players, including spawns and armaments for each.

There are several areas for each player's strengths and weaknesses, include wide open places visible from more or less anywhere in the map, secluded, enclosed spaces to hide in, sniper's points, choke points, and a number of advatageable spaces for players of all skill and interest.

This map supports both HDR and LDR. All custom content is hard-packed into the map and the only addons required are HL2 and CS:S.

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