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I Live To Serve
Home Sweet Home - Yasutaka Kume
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STATUS: Released    GAMEMODE: Trouble in Terrorist Town    PLAYERS: 8-24    VMF AVAILABLE: Yes

ttt_manorhouse, A mansion reminiscent of Nipper's clue, albeit on a larger scale and using only HL2/CSS resources.
Recommended number of players: 6-20

Some comments about the map:

The Good:
- This is my best optimized map yet, with VVIS taking a grand total of four seconds to complete. This map can be played on high and low end rigs both.
- This map features some neat easter eggs. Walk into the closet in the bedroom, use the radio in the living room, hit the switch under the stairs, and a few others.
- Despite being all indoors, I tried to make the map relevant for players using all weapon types.
- This map has a total of about 50 spawns, making it capable of handling a large playerbase even if it's not necessarily balanced for it.
- The elevator has a built-in anti-block/crash/abuse system.

The Bad:
- The art direction of the map is schizophrenic at best, the map started out originally as an RP map and was rebuilt for TTT on a totally different plan.
- There's a known bug in the social hall where some physics props will render fully black. This is clientside and is fixed simply by walking out to the lobby and back in. This is caused by the toggleable light in the lobby.


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