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The Mystical Library
Ruins of Aqua - Yasutaka Kume
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STATUS: Released    GAMEMODE: Trouble in Terrorist Town    PLAYERS: 8-24    VMF AVAILABLE: No

"Darkness is absence of light… so in the sudden shadows which fog the minds of men and women are to be found the strange impulses which urge them on to their venture…in the dark."

ttt_voile is a Trouble in Terrorist Map that employs faux non-euclidean geometry to give itself a unique artistic appeal. The map is a library of some sort, suspended in the darkness in a symmetrical layout. It is small to medium in size, recommended for 8-16 players, but can support up to a maximum of 24. There is a lone traitor trap which will temorarily make the checkered tiles on the overhead bridge disappear.

No custom mounts needed, just GMod, CS:S, and HL2. This map supports LDR and HDR.

VMF Download
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